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Finished Compost

Partridge Creek Vermicompost

Improving Soil by Reducing Food Waste

Augment your green thumb with our signature vermicompost, a meticulously crafted soil amendment that brings life to your plants while reducing waste.


Our process begins with a hot composting phase for 3-6 months, and is later cured and further refined with worms for 6-8 months in order to cool the nutrients and add beneficial worm castings to the final product.


Key Features


Balanced Nutrient Profile

Our vermicompost is made from carefully balanced inputs to ensure a nutrient-rich blend that promotes plant health, without the risk of root burning or nutrient over-saturation.

Beneficial Biology

Packed with a diverse array of beneficial microorganisms, our compost encourages a thriving soil ecosystem, supporting plant growth and resilience.

pH Neutral

Our vermicompost maintains a neutral pH level, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of plants and gardening applications.

Sustainably Created

We repurpose food scraps and other organic materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, transforming them into a valuable resource. This is what zero waste is all about. 

Compost Available Locally

Logo for Lakeshore Depot

Lakeshore Depot is a Marquette-based hybrid grocery store and farmers market offering local, organic produce from Michigan and the Mid-West. They make every effort to support farmers and local producers, and have an excellent selection of local goods, wonderful customer service, and fair prices.


If you are looking for compost here, take an extra moment to stock up on fresh produce and locally made goods.

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